Everybody loves music!

“Everyone loves music”- this is the famous sentence Steve Jobs started his iPod presentation with. I couldn’t agree more. How is it even possible to live without music? My friends laugh at me, that I’m always walking around with my headphones. And they are right, I listen to music during many activities: my morning jogging, showers, shopping, spending time with friends, and many other times as well.


listening to music 3

music sentence 2

listening to music 4

I can reccomend you a few sites, which are connected with music and I’m using them regularly:

  1. youtube.com- I’m looking for there interesting artist and songs
  2. spotify.com- I’m using it to listening my favourite music
  3. lyriczz- I’m translating there songs for foreig lanuages
  4. soundcloud.com- I’m exploring there new artists
  5. iheart.com- I’m listening there my fovourite radiostations


love music

How about you guys?

Do you have any favourite music websites? Let’s share!


My name is Blair and I’m studying Financial Economics. Besides this I have many others interests like: photography, learning foreig languages and meeting with my friends. I’m very outgoing, friendly and sometimes crazy person. I’m going to write about self development as well as about light lifestyle topics. I hope you’d enjoy!


XOXO Blair.

by Blair White